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Internet Workstations

All workstations in Cyber City are connected to the internet via an extra high-speed broadband.  Because of the high speed of our internet connection, we offer a special rate for guests who only need 15 minutes to check & reply their email.

Workstations are installed with Microsoft® Office and OpenOffice™ software.  Please ask at the counter if you wish to use our workstations for any purpose other than to connect to the internet.

Also available are facilities for you to use your notebook on our network.  All you need to do is to find an empty seat & plug in.

Other than what may already be installed in your personal notebook, Cyber City does not support network games.

Free Information

Ask at the counter for information on just about anything.  We will advise you to the best of our ability.  Not everything comes at a price in Kuching.  That's what makes Kuching such a great place!

Drinks and Snacks

Canned drinks and snacks are available for guests who do not wish to leave Cyber City for refreshment.  Ask, and ye shall receive.


Limited copies of local dailies Eastern Times & Utusan Sarawak are available at the counter.  Sometimes, it is possible to find a free read at one of the coffee shops nearby.


You can print your documents or photos at Cyber City.  We offer a variety of printing services.  Please see our rates for applicable charges.

Internet Account Services

You can top-up your internet account at cyber city counter.  This is purely a service we offer - no extra charges are involved.  We can also help you with any questions on your internet account.

Computer & Accessories Sale / Repair / Upgrade / Software Related Problems

If you are looking for a new computer, accesories, or upgrading your old junk heap, simply let us know what you need.  We trust you will find our prices reasonable.

If you are having computer problems, please leave your machine at the counter, with a description of the problem and contact details.  We will attempt to repair your computer within RM100.  If we expect the cost to be higher, we will contact you for authorisation with an estimate before proceeding with repairs.

Service charges may apply.  Rates are dependent on the type and complexity of the problem, but generally between RM30-50.

Networking Solutions

Our technical serviceman is experienced in networking for small-, medium- & large-sized networks.  Feel free to call for a quote.

Website Creation & Maintenance

Website services are available through Cyber City.  Our webmaster is very experienced and also develops custom web-based applications.

Click here for current rates.  Terms and conditions apply.  Feel free to ask for further details or a quote.

Sale of Software

Off-the-shelf original software is available over the counter.

You can also archive downloaded shareware, freeware, open source or other readily downloadable software into a CD / DVD with our CDR / CDRW / DVDR / DVDRW recording service.

Tailored software also available on request.

Miscellaneous Services

  1. Scanning services, at a nominal fee.  Please ask if you wish your images touched-up.
  2. Memory card / camera download.  Please ask for assistance at the counter.
  3. CD-R / CD-RW / DVD / DVD±RW recording.  Bring your own media, or get a blank CD from the counter.  Please ask for assistance at the counter.
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