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  1. Toasty Bits Toast
    When you're just an itty-bitty-bit peckish, call for a couple of pieces - one with butter, and one with jam.  Goes beautifully with the coffee.
      - with butter / coconut jam / pineapple jam / raspberry jam : RM0.80
      - with cheese : RM1.50
  2. Hot Byte Hot Dogs : RM2.30
    Mmmm... mustard on a chicken frank with mushrooms inside...  Heaven!
      - choice of mushroom chicken, cheese chicken or black pepper franks
      - choice of mustard, chilli or tomato
  3. Bumblebee Coffee : RM1.00
    Need a boost?  Call for a Bumblebee.  It's black and it gives you a buzz!
      - also available bleached. <grin>
  4. Ice Cream : RM1.60
    Best ice cream in Kuching.  Ask Eddie to spin you one.  'Nuff said!
  5. Cyber Wings : RM2.00
    Freshly barbeque'd wings - brown, hot and delicious!  Available from 5:00pm daily only.


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