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Opening Hours

  Sundays Weekdays Saturdays Holidays
Open 11:00 10:00 10:00 11:00
Close 23:00

Services & Rates

Service Rate
Rental minimum 0-15 min 1.00
  minimum 15-60 min 4.00
    thereafter 3.00
Printing black text, ink per A4 page 0.30
  black text, laser per A4 page 0.50
    10+ pages, per A4 page 0.30
  image, laser per A4 page 1.50
    per ½ A4 page 0.70
  colour, ink per page 5.00
Scanning   per scan 1.00
Other ask ask  

Terms & Conditions

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY for children in school uniform.
  2. STRICTLY NO ENTRY for children under 12 years, unless accompanied by parent or guardian.
  3. STRICTLY NO outside food or drink allowed.


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