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Cyber City is located at the heart of Kuching City, just in the shade of the Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching one of Kuching's three 5-star hotels and about 80 paces from the Kuching Hilton, another 5-star hotel.  The famous Holiday Inn Kuching is under 5 minutes away.


Being just at the doorstep of Parkson Grand, one of Kuching's favourite shopping spot, and just a stone's throw from the Sarawak Plaza there is no doubt that Cyber City is at the very hub of activity in Kuching.  There are several other popular shopping spots within 5 minutes stroll, not to mention many, many shops to cater for souvenir hunters, art enthusiasts and shoppers.


With both Terra Management's parking lots and the Riverside Complex just 20 paces away and the Taman Kereta just around the block, there is no shortage of parking space for those of you who wish to make use of our services.  And if you have the time and wish to park free, all you need is a bit of patience and circle the area two or three times!


The Riverside Cineplex (4 theatres), located in the Riverside Complex, and Star Cineplex (6 theatres), located under 10 minutes away on foot over Ala Carte, easily the favourite movie spots in Kuching, make doubly sure you'll never be lacking as far as entertainment is concerned... And, oh yes, there is always surfing and chatting over a cuppa with us at Cyber City!


Kuching City is home to many excellent & unique dishes.  Yes, we love our food!  Please feel free to ask on our message board for suggestions and/or leave some suggestions for your fellow surfers.


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