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Moments in our memories

Here are some memories we'd like to share with you.  We hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we did making them!

small birthday do, wayyy back
This is part of the old gang, wayyy back.
More cyber, less cafe...
Cyber City, after 2nd renovation. More cyber, less cafe...
real chatting!
Cyber City counter was shifted for better feng shui. The bar stools for people to sit & chat with staff.
This is a view of the cafe from the front corner.
big enough for dinner?
This is one big fish that didn't get away! We ain't pathetic - we got lives outside 'r Cyber!
Robert got one, too!
Robert got one, too! (Did you know that rays make for excellent BBQ's? Pass the sauce, please... *drooool*)
Two more fo' th' pot, honey!
Do they look like twins to you?
Hey guys, how 'bout smoked squid later?
Squid season, yeah! Yum!
Free coffee
Yup, we used to serve free hot beverages for the odd cold night. Don't do that no more, though. The Japanese curtains were Kentan's work.
House of the Prancing Horse
Typical day. Gorgeous babes, great friends, Scots with wicked sense of humour, serious Italians. A more pleasing day? I can't imagine.
What's this?
Take note! Cyber City doesn't open during the first week of the Chinese New Year a.k.a. the Lunar New Year. We usually have a lion dance on one of those days.
The lions enter to chase away the old, bring in the new...
Last one in is a scaredy cat... :P


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